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Blog | My visit to Ladakh – Leica India

-by Shalini Passi Ladakh offers a scenic landscape ranging from mountains, deep valleys to breathtaking stupas located on higher planes. My visit to Ladakh was fueled by my fascination towards mountains which started when I used to indulgently paint them, growing up. The union territory is certainly a photographer’s paradise with such a distinctive culture […]

Blog | Kashi: Scenes of solitute – Leica India

-by Pravin Tamang Over 5 million travellers combined with pilgrims from around the world visit the famed ghats of Varanasi. I frequent these ghats just as anyone, most times aimlessly. Blank gaze across the horizon of the meandering Ganges from the start of the day to the end of it. Sometimes I wonder how many […]

Blog | The lacquered wood – Leica India

-by Nitin Jamdar On the edge of the dry lands of Banni in Kutch lies the village of Fulai. A clan of Vadha artisan live  at the outskirts of Fulai.  Vadhas are nomadic but have now settled down in the Banni.  Here they produce toys and artefacts of lacquered wood. The  toys are made from Babul (acacia) tree […]

Meet the latest M10-R variant

Stylish design meets timeless elegance   New Delhi, 24th June, 2021: Good design sets a product apart! It harmonizes function, form and material. Transforms complexity into simplicity and elegance. And can be timeless yet with its own distinct identity. The Leica M camera—manufactured in Wetzlar, Germany—is just such a product with just such a design. The […]

My experience with Leica Q

-by Lopamudra Talukdar The full frame rangefinder style Leica Q is a unique camera. It feels lovely in my hands, is small, lightweight and very well-built. These elements of Leica’s minimalistic design served me extremely well in an event as massive, chaotic, and demanding as the Kumbh. The allure of the Kumbh is both captivating […]

Majja Ni Life

-by Bindi Sheth Majja Ni Life ‘One does not need to see a Gara or a Sadra or a red bangle to know if the person is a Parsi. Their language, humor, frankness, warmth and inability to speak Hindi when angry sets them apart from the rest. Most Parsis I have known are ardent nature […]

Muted celebrations

-by Sunhil Sippy Made with Leica: Leica M10-R Exotica in India has been all too often captured in photographs. But it is the uncomfortable wrestle between tradition and modernity that defines the period we are living in. Over a short period in November 2020, during the muted celebrations of Diwali, I tried to see this complex […]

Click! Every photographer’s favorite sound.

-by Mayur Puri Made with Leica: V-Lux 5 It’s a particularly balmy evening in May 2020 and the sound of my Leica’s shutter reverberates in my mind long after I’ve released the button. I check the photo. It’s my favorite setup. Evening sun against the dramatic Mumbai sky. The sigh of happiness I breathe, becomes a […]

Macro photography

-by Nozer Kasad Shooting Macro with the D-Lux 4 I have always been a fan of compact cameras for the obvious advantage of them being less bulky and easy to carry around and travel with… a gadget that is specifically designed for taking photographs rather than relying on my cell phone to click pictures. Here’s what […]