Blog posts of '2020' 'December'

The Evolution of Mobility
-by Ulka Chauhan.

I am a travel/portrait/street photographer from Mumbai. My love for photography began in the early 80s when my dad gifted me a red film camera. I was down with chickenpox and was ironically in home-quarantine, but I enthusiastically photographed everything in sight.
Migrant Workers of 2020
-by Neeraj Priyadarshi.

A young migrant labourer walks home barefoot. His only pair of slippers were broken during the journey between Noida and his home Muzzafarpur, Bihar, during the country-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of migrant workers like him
The Circus
-by Vivek Desai.

In 2004, the Gemini circus came to Ahmedabad and was being set up on University grounds. The news reached me somehow, and a 'cityscape' of an elephant being unloaded from a truck was my first photograph of them. It was after 12 long years that the coveted subject
The deserted beach
-by Prabhakaran Sambandam.

I’m a nature lover, and I’ve always enjoyed playing with colors during photography and film-processing. Living in Chennai, I’ve had a long-standing habit of going to beaches to capture the most scenic dawns and day-breaks that I could find.
The massive doors of Jama Masjid
-by Anindito Mukherjee.

Ever since I started my career in photography in 2006, I have worked as a photojournalist and a documentary photographer covering a wide variety of subjects. As such, my interests drew me to photograph the impact on life during the lockdown in culturally-rich areas such as Old Delhi.
Collecting Memories
-by Sarang Sena.

My love for photography started early. As a ten-year-old, I was always fascinated by my father’s travel photographs. By 18, I was building opportunities to work as a professional photographer while dabbling in documentary and portraiture, before shifting my focus to fashion as well.