Sofort - Camera

Leica SOFORT, mint

₹ 21,186

When set to automatic mode, the Leica SOFORT uses the available light for as long as possible without adding the built-in flash. The results are authentic and natural pictures.The Leica SOFORT not only offers a range of shooting modes (Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro), but also features a self-portrait function, creative programmes for multiple and two timed exposures. To achieve these results, the camera automatically adjusts different parameters such as exposure time and aperture to the selected programme. The flash activation may either be left to the camera or activated or deactivated depending on your intention. The Leica SOFORT features a rectangular mirror on the front for an easier composition of self-portraits.The focusing range of the Leica SOFORT can be set regardless of the selected programme-mode. Hence, the camera offers additional creative freedom when taking pictures according to standard or remote setting and programme selected.