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Amit Verma

Amit Verma

Leica Scholars


Amit Verma is an editorial and fine art photographer. He has worked as a professional editorial photographer in Delhi for 20 years and has been contributing to Forbes India since 2008. “After so many years of shooting auto-focus cameras and editorial assignments,” Verma explains, “transitioning to a fully manual camera and landscape photography has forced me to slow down, get in sync with nature, and find my composure as a photographer and as a witness to the light that is constantly changing the landscape.”

Verma’s eye and instinct for landscapes originates from his vast desert homeland in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and matured under the mentorship of the late, revered photographer Rakesh Sahai. He deepened his commitment to his art and trade with the unrivaled German camera, the Leica M. Verma’s his first solo show was hosted by the Leica Store New Delhi in August 2018.

His second solo show, Light and Lines, was a collaboration with U.S.-based writer Melissa Alipalo in January 2020. When Verma is not shooting for editorial clients, he is working with Alipalo on building The Watersmeet, a platform to promote their joint work. One of the major projects they are collaborating on is a forthcoming visual and narrative telling of a remote Himalayan village in Nepal.