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Leica Pre-Owned

It only takes a second to fall in love with a Leica.

Pre-Owned Leica products carry with them a legacy, capturing stories which have shaped perspectives and influenced how we see the world. And they’re the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of Leica photography. A world that for over 100 years has focused on a commitment to enduring quality. Sharing the joy of Leica photography from generation to generation, through timeless masterpieces. Get detailed guidance on cameras, lenses and accessories at select Leica Stores and find the Leica products that perfectly capture your unique perspective. With Leica Pre-Owned, we welcome Trade-Ins of your existing Leica. Our team is at your service to define the market value of your existing Leica product for credit towards your next Leica purchase.

Buy Pre-Owned

Quality without compromise

Before you hold one of our Leica Pre-Owned products in your hands, you can be sure it has gone through numerous checks. Selected Pre-Owned products receive bespoke inspections and come with a warranty certificate for up to 12 months. Leica Pre-Owned products, first-class quality guaranteed by Leica.