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Leica Q

Unique. Just Like You

The success story of the Leica Q cameras reflects the firm belief in the power of a good idea. The courage to create a whole new camera segment. Full-frame, with one of the best fixed prime lenses available and integrated macro mode. Crafted in Germany with a timeless design and state-of-the-art technology.

The Q is practical, that's why it is so wildly popular. A Leica Q works both completely manually as well as completely automatically, and everywhere in between. Empowering anyone to take photographs and film in breathtaking quality.


Since the launch of the first Leica Q, countless photographers have used their cameras to capture moments with images that have become witness to the emotion of their world.


Unique. Just Like You.

The compact Leica Q3 full frame camera delivers amazing image quality for photo and video in virtually any kind of lighting. It is exceptionally easy to use, and seamlessly connected, empowering anyone to create audio-visual content in breath-taking quality. 

Capturing a unique point of view with the Leica Q3 means committing to a camera that integrates easily, naturally, and intuitively into everyday creative processes. A unique companion that combines style and cutting-edge technology.

"Wherever I go, my Leica Q2 goes with me."

- Alixe Lay

The Leica Q2 is so compact and lightweight that it accompanies me everywhere, so I never miss a moment. Whenever I have it with me, I feel free, and that very freedom keeps my curiosity and inspiration alive.

The Leica brand appeals to me because it so deeply values the process of photography and its flow. And Leica has an uncompromising commitment to enabling photographers.


The range of accessories for the Leica Q-System perfectly extend its capabilities. Constructed from highest quality materials, these functionally-designed accessories make the handling of the camera easier or add to its range of functions. The protectors, holster, and pouch assure ideal protection when carrying the camera and immediate readiness to shoot.

Carrying straps and hand straps provide elegant connections between the use and the camera. 

The handgrip and the Leica Charging Pad ensures your Leica Q3 always on duty.