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Experience The Fascination of Photography



With the Leica Akademie, you get a little closer to the world of photography. From recording to playback, we offer you a wide selection of different face-to-face and online courses in our program. Whether in a small group, or individually tailored to you. Even if you do not own a Leica product, you are very welcome. We are happy to help with equipment from the current product portfolio of Leica Camera during the workshop. We look forward to seeing you!

Our workshops are catered to different skill levels, so be sure to understand your skill level and apply for the workshop that is the right fit for your skill level, to maximise your learning.  

Understanding Your Skill Level

Intermediate: Participants already have a clear understanding of the exposure triangle - Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO - and would like to further improve their skillset beyond the exposure triangle.  

Advanced: Participants are already specialised in a certain genre (e.g. Portrait, Macro, Street etc) and would like to expand their skillset into different genres. 

Leica Akademie

Coffee with Leica

With Shivam Pandey

Join us at Leica India, Delhi for SOLACE a "Coffee with Leica," event. This exhibition at The Leica Store Delhi showcases the power of the photographed moment as captured by Leica’s legendary cameras and the expert eye of a Shivam Pandey, who has mastered the photographic triad of Light, Composition and Moment.

17th February 2024 | 5PM - 7PM
Leica Store India, Connaught Place