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Made with Leica by Ashish Sulkh

Made with Leica by Ashish Sulkh

Leica India 20 of 2020


For a photographer, the photograph is made well before the press of shutter button.

This one was special, and required special preparations. 3000m up in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, 300 miles travelled away from my home during pandemic times, & 3 days of preparation before the start of travel, to get myself tested and other necessary permissions/documentations. A once in a lifetime experience to frame!

I enjoy taking myself out of my comfort zone and hurling myself into the unknown. Because it is during those scary moments - I am able to see that I am like a comet hitting a new atmosphere: I illuminate magnificently. I produce images I am proudest of. Knowing that I have been able to experience something that will only happen again 6800 years later (year 8786 next) can be enlightening. That's what it takes. Neowise, or Comet C/2020 F3, in all its blazing glor

Made with: Leica Q2