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Made with Leica by Vivek Desai

Made with Leica by Vivek Desai

Leica India 20 of 2020


In 2004, the Gemini circus came to Ahmedabad and was being set up on University grounds. The news reached me somehow, and a 'cityscape' of an elephant being unloaded from a truck was my first photograph of them.

It was after 12 long years that the coveted subject 'The Circus' was returning to me. In the process, I got to peek into the lives of clowns as they shared their personal stories - their ups & downs, and the battles behind the happy masks they proudly wore during their performances.

This insight into the lives of complete strangers gave me a new direction and strength. Sometimes, I still go to their modest tents, to catch up with my clown friends & share some fun moments over a cup of chai.

The Circus, my first beau on my journey as a photographer, has given me a blissful feeling which has been rather impossible to replicate!

Made with: Leica Q