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Made with Leica by Vrinda Bhatnagar

Made with Leica by Vrinda Bhatnagar

Leica India 20 of 2020


To deal with the months-long lockdown blues and withdrawal from nature and wildlife while cooped up in Delhi, I decided to make a trip to Ranthambore in September once things started opening up again. It was a hot post-monsoon morning when we spotted this gorgeous tigress sprawled in the shade of the thick foliage a couple of feet away from the dirt track, protecting herself from the strong mid-morning sun. She was lying in a way that I was able to focus on one of her eyes. This photograph is all thanks to her beauty and the lovely setting. As a keen wildlife enthusiast, I literally thank the wildlife for a wonderful break from what was a trying time being locked indoors.

Made with: Leica SL Typ 601