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Ravi Mistry


Leica Scholars


With a penchant for details and a predisposition towards perfecting his art, Ravi Mistry is a man who never stops learning from global masters, experimenting, and constantly striving to improve his skills with each new project.

Developed over years of hard work, Ravi Mistry's passion has turned into a career that has led him to numerous great work opportunities in all branches of photography. Products, commercial, portraits, fashion, and corporate photography are some of the areas in which he excels, while landscapes remain his soul's passion.

He has won several awards, including WPAI, Wedding Sutra, the Michael Maven Award for portraiture, the Best Documentary Director Award at the Everest International Film Award, and the Himalayan Film Festival, along with over 5 nominations at the national and international levels.

For Ravi, photography is not just about the equipment and gadgets; he truly believes in making the most of any camera you hold in your hand. He emphasizes the power of good lighting techniques and post-production, which, according to his formula, can work magic.