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Putting the ‘R’ in resolution, the Leica M10-R is a digital rangefinder camera with a high-resolution take on the traditional, stills-only design of the acclaimed M10-series. Revolving around an impressive 40MP full-frame CMOS sensor and Maestro II image processor, the M10-R is distinguished by its image quality, dynamic range, and sensitivity, with an ISO 100-50000 range and low noise.

ONA Bag, The Bowery, leather, DARK BROWN
32,627 (incl. GST 38,500)
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Model The Bowery: Its cleverly designed features, variable stowage options, compact size and minimalist design make it a universal and modern camera bag.

System bags “ONA for Leica” handcrafted camera bags in a timeless design. ONA, a young and aspiring manufacturer from New York produces high-quality bags designed for and inspired by photographers. The premium quality manufacturer has now launched an exclusive collection of bags designed and hand crafted especially for Leica. The bags created by ONA are distinguished by their style, practicality, perfect size and meticulous attention to detail. Each model is lovingly crafted by hand from materials of the highest quality. Timelessly beautiful and robust bags that provide excellent protection for valuable photographic equipment and reflect the photographers inimitable personal style.

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Leica M10 Silver, Body

Leica M-A “Titan”
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Pure, timeless, sophisticated

While it’s almost impossible to improve on design perfection, it is possible to elevate its appearance through the choice of material. Take the Leica M-A “Titan” Set. Continuing a tradition that started in 2001 with the Leica M6 TTL “Titanium”, it is now in its 6th edition.

There’s pure elegance in pure mechanics

Limited to just 250 pieces, the Leica M-A “Titan” Set combines the timelessness of the analogue Leica M-A with the classic design of the APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH. Essential components of the camera and lens have been made in solid titanium which is much lighter than brass. This is a material that impresses with its resistance as well as with its inimitably elegant appearance. Making even the most demanding photographic assignments a pleasure that lasts longer in your memory than it takes in reality.

Pure Mechanical Excellence

As a purely mechanical camera, the Leica M-A is a precision instrument that has been so dramatically reduced to the essentials that it opens up entirely new creative horizons for photographers. It may have no monitor, no exposure meter, and no battery, but what it does have is a mechanical quality that makes Leica’s 100 years of experience instantly tangible. Photographers can read the shutter speed and aperture directly from the camera and lens and so concentrate fully on their subject. The acoustic signature of the shutter release of a Leica M-A is a delight that immediately reveals the precision-engineered excellence of its origin.



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Join us on Coffee with Leica on 3rd June from 5pm-7pm with Aman Chotani, and learn the skills of documenting travel, culture and life directly with Leica.

Recommended For: Anyone who would like to master their photography skills and wants to learn from the best in business.

Date – 3 Jun 2022

Timing – 5PM to 7PM

Location – Leica Store India, Connaught Place


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